Engagement session are all about getting comfortable and just having fun! 

​It's also a great opportunity to see if we'll "click" - let's face it, we will be working all day together during your wedding, and the last thing you need is photographer you don't get on with during your big day.

The more relaxed you are, the more fun you will have and in turn the more natural the photos will be. We love engagement sessions because it gives us a chance to get to know our couple better, and for them to get to used to being in front of camera. It makes the wedding day MUCH easier because they know what to expect and are ready to have some fun. I'll be encouraging you to get as close and cuddly as possible and to do your best to interact and flirt with each other as opposed to smiling directly at the camera.

We can’t tell how many times we have shown up to the engagement session and the groom tells us “I am so awkward, I never have my photo taken”, “I am not very photogenic”. Those are the ones that are usually throwing out suggestions by the end of the session.

Having that relationship and connection with our clients before the wedding day makes everyone feel batter and the day run smoother.

Plus, being engaged is such a fun, exciting time in your life! It’s so much fun to be able to capture that short moment of your relationship.

TIP : Consider getting your make up done! It's a great day to do your wedding trial, but keep your hair natural and down. We want to create movement wherever we can - this goes for dresses too. Fabric that can flow and move is ideal and wind is our friend! 


Take a sneaky glimpse at wedding highlights from start to finish and view the all of the magic step-by-step as it unfolds. The perfect way to see the kind of documentary coverage you will receive on your wedding day!